JDSAT brings a rich and diverse set of analytic techniques to frame, shape, and implement useful solutions for our clients. This set of techniques creates a “Services Palette” from which we can select and employ unique combinations to “create” fully customized solutions ranging from the very simple to extremely complex.



Reduce uncertainty by improving forecasting capability with time-series analysis, predictive modeling, and simulation.

Predictive Analytics

Gain deeper insight from data through application of Data Science techniques (e.g. machine learning techniques such as those in NetFlix Recommender systems or self-driving cars).

Modeling & Simulation

Model complex systems to enable risk-free experimentation, policy evaluation, and scenario analysis accounting for multiple, competing objectives and the effects of change over time.

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Process Modeling & Optimization

Break-down organizational processes to reveal underlying logical foundation; model these processes to optimize performance and manage risk.

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Data Analysis and Visualization

Feed decisions with deeper understanding gained through improved business intelligence and visual representations of data.

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Strategic Decision Support

Support strategic-level decision-making by applying specialized advanced analytic techniques to solve critical challenges in complex systems, organizations, and processes.

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